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Engine Tune-Up in Geneseo

Engines are the power source for your vehicle, it is one of, if not the most important component of your vehicle. Service schedules are different for each car and usually have to do with the frequency the vehicle is being used and other variables, the most important one being mileage. Most suggested maintenance schedules are listed in the owner’s manual and should be followed as closely as possible to help maintain and prevent other repairs. Keeping up with and performing a regular engine tune-up is the most effective way to maintain the life of your vehicle. A regularly maintained vehicle can help to prevent more costly internal issues that could arise as a result of poor maintenance.

Some of the services that could be performed during an engine tune-up include changing the spark plugs, changing cabin or fuel filters, or flushing the cooling system. Your certified technicians will perform an assessment of the ignition system, filters, fluids and belts, and hoses in your car. The ignition system includes checking the spark plugs and plug wires. Some of the filters that are checked during an assessment include air, cabin, and fuel filters. Filters are important because they keep sludge and contaminants out of important parts of your car. The hoses and fluids are checked to ensure no leaks and top performance are maintained.

Your car may give you some signs that an engine tune-up may be in store. Watch out for subtle changes such as changing fuel performance or any new noises your car may be making. Once you see any obvious signs like overheating and performance issues your problem may be bigger than an engine tune-up can fix. This is why it is vital and cost-effective to routinely have your certified technicians perform assessments and change or perform engine tune-up services regularly as they come up.

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